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Caryn Rae Robin

We all have unique voices and abilities with different needs, styles and desires. If you’re looking for voice lessons in the Fort Lauderdale / Miami area, let me help you learn to sing better and speak with more confidence with singing lessons to develop your particular style and your most authentic expression. If you’re a singer at any level wanting to sing from every fiber of your being, contact me. If you’re ready to be the fiercest, most confident, expressive, musical you, come see me!

Let Your Voice Soar and Your Confidence Shine!

In the world of music, there are those who simply perform, and then there are those who elevate, inspire, and empower. With decades of experience as a performer, voice and performance coach, Caryn brings a unique blend of technical expertise and soulful wisdom to every lesson. Whether you’re an aspiring singer looking to hit new heights or a speaker yearning to command the stage with confidence, Caryn’s guidance is your key to vocal mastery and genuine self-expression.

Caryn Rae Robin

Voice & Performance Coach

About me

Hey everybody! Caryn here. Thanks so much for stopping by! Some of you know me as a singer/entertainer, others as a voice and performance coach and many as a Miami HEAT Golden Oldies dancer. I’m also a voiceover artist with a passion for inline skate dancing. So life is good and busy, and I’m very grateful.  There’s more about my story on the bio page but while you’re here, please check out my video from my CD, “Peace of My Heart.”

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Experience the enchanting performances and transformative lessons that Caryn offers through these featured videos. Be inspired, entertained, and prepared to embark on your own journey of vocal excellence.

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