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We can't wait to have you back, Caryn! We thoroughly enjoyed your amazing energy, beautiful voice, and musical soul! Come again soon ❤️
Piano Hollywood at the Hard Rock, Hollywood, Florida
You have so much passion for the music & the message.  The songs you chose are classic & you gave them a new feel...  You're singing from your heart & you are leading the charge for the independent music business.
Peter Bunetta
Producer, Drummer, PlayingForChange.org consultant


Caryn Rae’s version is a sexy, sultry, slow-groove remake of the classic 1979 Grammy Award-winning song written by Isaac Hayes and Adrienne Anderson and originally recorded by Dionne Warwick...  The album is dedicated to Hayes and other great R&B artists and includes remakes of classic tunes reinvigorated with fresh, new school arrangements. When Adrienne Anderson, the song’s co-writer, heard Caryn Rae’s recording, she said, “WOW, it was like hearing the song for the first time- so soulful and contemporary. I LOVE IT!”
Press Release
re Deja Vu
Listening to Peace of My Heart and loving it all.  I love the depth, strength, and playfulness. Very few singers have all of that.
Annie Hughes
Singer, Songwriter, Website Designer
You are an amazing performer. The voice, the moves, the charisma... just draws the audience in and they are entranced.  Amazing.
Christine Martin
Director of Marketing

When The Red, Hot Robin Comes Bop, Bop, Boppin...

Her voice runs the gamut from low register trills and rasps through sensuous purrs and reaching stratospheric scats, all within a few words.  She has seen the proper 40’s movies and has assimilated the best of campy feigns and movements, but they never replace her skill and talent, as they would in a lesser artist. Her inventive stage personality is exotic, visual and erotic; she is a demure harlot, a Dorothy Lamour on Spanish Fly.  It works because of the humor that underpins her acting and her excellent voice...
Santa Cruz
Good Times
Fantastic vocals, great instrumentals, makes you want to jump up and dance.  [Peace of My Heart] Is one awesome CD, can listen to it all night and hope that there is a dance floor.  Will Love to see it performed live as I know Caryn Rae Robin will light up the stage with high energy and great stage presence.
John Breckenridge
Global Moderator & Ambassador at Indie Showcase
Her music is like a successfully designed space -- timeless, clever, stimulating and alive.  It fuses together texture and pattern to create harmony, balance and purpose.
Judith Perl Rosenthal
Interior Designer
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